Bridge The Gap: Texas and Nashville by Kensie Coppin and Texas Local Live

Texas Local Live invited Kensie for an intimate interview about her career and where she's headed. She talks about her experience singing on the Grand Ole Opry at ages 11 and 12 with the Ace in the Hole Band and Two Tons of Steel, what it was like growing up in he heart of the industry in Nashville, and her dreams to bridge the gap across Texas and Nashville music scenes. We're all putting in the hard work together, so we may as well be friends while doing it.

Find out what she's up to next and hear a new tune from her at the end of the video! Thank you to Texas Local Live for having Kensie in studio and for your support on her journey!

#musician #songwriter #radio #texasregionalradioreport #writesongs #TexasRadio #countrymusic #newmusic #KensieCoppin #nashville

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